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Massage Services


Swedish massage uses five styles of long, flowing strokes to massage. The five basic strokes are effleurage (light touch), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), compression, and vibration. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness, and improving function in patients with osteoarthritis of he knee over a period of eight weeks.
1/2 Hour – $30.00 Upper Body/Spot Treatment
1 Hour – $60.00 Full Body/Spot Treatment
1 1/2 Hour – $80.00 Full Body/Problem Area

Deep Tissue

This technique is used for chronic problems creating body tension, pain and reduced range of motion. Forms of this deeper work include trigger point, myofacial release and stretching. Because this massage is typically deeper work you may experience some soreness the next day, but relief should come in a few days after treatment with proper hydration. This type of treatment is slower and more focused work and the half hour or hour treatments are not usually a full body massage.
1/2 Hour – $40.00
1 Hour – $70.00
1 1/2 Hour – $100.00

Hot Stone

The stone massage uses water-heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body. Stones coated in oil can also be used by the therapist delivering various massaging strokes. We incorpate hot stones with our swedish massage. The stones will be resting on your body part of the time
1 Hour – $65.00
1 1/2 Hour – $90.00

Chair Massage

Don’t have time to get on the table or need a quick fix then this is for you. Minimum 5 minutes to Maximum 25 minutes – $1.00 per minute

Skincare Services

FHF Express Facial

When time has you in a time crunch or your just new to facials our express facial is a good way to start. Our Farm House Fresh facials are natural, vegan and paraben free. This luscious line will soothe and relax you while giving you a healthy glow. Express facials include cleanse, scrub, tone, mask, moisturizer. $45

FHF Signature Facial

We have extended this facial to include all modalities of the express but with more pampering! You will enjoy steamy aromatic infused towels and a relaxing 20 min massage of the neck, head, arms and hands. $65

PCA Clinical Facials and Peels

Facials are a great way to start to get your skin back into if best form. With our help and regular home skin care you can get the beautiful results and amazing skin! We can help you with choosing the right products for your individual needs.

With our new PCA Line we are able to create a facial or peel for virtually any condition. As skin is different from person to person our line can create hundreds of custom treatments perfect for you. All clinical facials done by an esthetician and will be tailored for your specific needs

Express PCA facial

Enjoys our PCA express clinical facial to give you a quick power punch of antioxidants. We customize this facial with cleanse ,tone, appropriate mask, 2 correctors, moisturizer and spf. $65


We use Dermaplaning as an alternative exfoliating facial with the added benefit of vellus hair removal. We start with a double cleanse, tone, Dermaplane treatment, moisturizer, SPF $65 Add enzyme and 2 correctors $25


Removing the dead skin on the surface and ensuring that fresher younger skin from beneath becomes the outer layer. This treatment is more effective when done in a series. One Treatment – $85.00
Series of 4 – $80.00 per session
Series of 6+ – $75.00 per session

Deep Cleaning/Acne Facial

This facial is great for the customer who has oily problematic skin. We will customize your treatment to suit your specific needs. This will include a cleanser, scrub, mask, extractions when needed, toner, moisturizer. The facial machine may also be used when needed to include brush exfoliation, galvanic, high frequency modalities. Approximately 1-1 1/2 hr – $75.00
*an acid peel may be added for an additional charge.

Hydrating/Sensitive Facial

This facial is for our customers who have dry skin due to age or weather conditions. When you need a bit of extra hydration we will customize your facial with either paraffin or collagen. We may also use the facial machine for brush exfoliation and galvanic for product and serum penetration. This facial includes cleanser, scrub, mask, serums, machine modalities when needed, toner, and moisturizer. Approximately 1 hr – $75.00
*Advanced facials done by Esthetician

Rejuvenating/ Normal

This facial is for your normal to aging skin types. We include all basic steps but also includes our papaya enzyme peel which gently digests the top dead layer of skin. it also includes all correctors suitable for your skin typw and any machine modalities needed. You will leave refreshed and renewed. Take approx 1 hr. $75

Retexturizing / Hyper-pigmintaion

Our retexturizing facial is great for lots of skin types especially those with dull, texture, or pigmentation issues. We include all basic steps as well as machine modalities and correctors needed. Or pumpkin enzyme mask is spicy but feels so refreshing as it digests dead dull superficial skin. You will leave with a great start to a new complexion. Approx 1 hr. $75

PCA Chemical peels

We have several types of peels to choose from but we will choose the one appropriate for your skin condition. We use a progressive approach not aggressive approach to give you results with out over working the skin.A consultation will be done to insure the best results. A post procedure kit is included with all peels.

PCA PEEL: double peel or mask $115
PCA PEEL plus microderm: $125

Body Treatments

Herbal Wrap

All natural aloe and herb based wrap is used to tone and tighten skin, detox the body and inch loss. The process takes 1 hour. We will appy warm solution from neck down then wrap you and place you on a warming table. You will rest for 45 minutes while the solution is absorbed into your skin. We will then unwrap you and work the solution into the skin, there is no need to shower the solution off. Follow the wrap by drinking a gallon of water to flush your system out. The solution will continue to work fo 3 days. A series along with diet and exercise is recommend for maximum results 1 Session – $75.00
4 Series – $70.00
6 Series – $65.00

Aromatherapy Wrap

Large towels are soaked and infused with essential oils then steamed for a hot wrap that will have you totally relaxed. Great as an add on to any facial. 1 Session – $40.00

Salt Scrub

All scrubs start with warm steamy towels to prepare the skin. Then we use sea salts mixed with a light oil to exfoliate and moisture, then it is removed with warm towels.We finish with a light moisturizer. Full Body – $45.00

Legs – $20.00
Hands & Feet – hands/feet

Back – $15.00
Paraffin Treatment Hands or Feet – $20.00
Both – $25.00

Airbrush Tanning

Do you need a quick tan, don’t have time for months of tanning, or is you skin showing signs of pre-mature aging, than this is the solution for you. Air brush tanning is the newest and most sought after treatment. We have offered this treatment for almost 5 years , so feel safe in your decision to come to Elite. Our solution offers a beautiful, just came from the beach, tan. It is not orange and does not have a bad odor. It is safe for men, women, children and even pregnancy.

Pre-Tan Instructions:
Shower and exfoliate
Shave normal areas
Wear loose fitting clothes

Women – may have procedure done in the nude or with undergarment on. (Your preference)

Men – must wear undergarments

Approximately – 10 minutes for application and 10 minutes drying time

Post Treatment Instructions:
Wear loose fitting clothes
8 hour waiting period before showering
Moisturize after each shower Full Body – $20.00

Permanent Makeup

For every cosmetic procedure we allow 2 hrs.

Are you tired of eating off your lipstick or your eyeliner running after a few hours,or tired of filling in over plucked eyebrows. Then this is the procedure for you. In a matter of hours we can enhance yours facial features.

In this treatment we will start by numbing you for 30-40 min. Then we will do all our markings to show you what we will be doing. After your approval we then start the procedure. It will take approx. 30 min -1 hr. to do an individual procedure we will continue to numb the area to keep you as comfortable as possible. Some discomfort my occur. Eyeliner(Top or Bottom) – $200.00 each
Eyeliner(Both) – $300.00 each

Eyebrows (solids) $250
Hairline Strokes $350
Micro blading: $350
Semi permanent procedure will need to be maintained 1-2 times a year(view touch-up pricing below)

Lip Liner – $200.00
Full Lip – $300.00

Touch-Up – $75.00 – $150.00
Microblading $299 w/shading $349
Correction – Price varies based upon consultation

Special Occasion Make-Up
Regular 12-18yo – $40.00
Regular Over 18yo – $50.00 Takes Approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour
Airbrush – $60.00 Takes Approximately 30 minutes – 1 hourBridal Trial Run/Bridal Shoot – $75.00 – Approximately 1-1 1/2 hrs.
Wedding Day – $75.00 (includes false eyelashes) – Approximately 1-1 1/2 hrs.
Bridesmaid Package – $50.00 each when booked with bride, choice of airbrush or regular (Minimum of 4)

*Ask us about traveling to your location for bridal party make-up.

*Ask about our DJ services.

*For a good waxing result, hair needs to have 10-14 days’ worth of growth.
Eyebrows – $10.00
Ears – $5.00
Lip – $10.00
Chin – $10.00
Sideburn/Cheek – $15.00
Full Face – $35.00
Half Arm Upper – $20.00
Half Arm Lower – $20.00
Full Arm – $25.00

Half Leg Upper – $35.00+
Half Leg Lower – $35.00
Full Leg – $70.00

Regular Bikini – $25.00
High Bikini – $35.00
Extended High Bikini – $40.00
Full Brazilian – $45.00+

Back – $45.00+
Chest – $45.00+
Upper Sleeve Arm – $15.00

Eyelash Services
Lash Lift: This new services is has beautiful results to lift and curl your natural lashes for a more open eye effect making your lashes appear longer and curled. Pair with tint for a easy wake up and go look!
Lash lift $50
Lash tint $15
Lash lift and tint $65

Brow Wax shape and powder fill $15
Brow Tint $15
Brow wax and tint $25


Gift Certificates Available

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Less than 24 hrs. notice and no show appointments will require full payment. To reschedule we will require a credit card to be kept on file.

We are happy to offer gift certificates here at Elite Massage Spa. Please take note that certificates have a six month expiration date, which is written on the certificate. There are no extensions or refunds.